Spirit Circles ~ hosted by Thomas John

 4pm-6pm ~ ONE SEAT LEFT! 


Location: Unity Spiritual Center,  23855 Detroit Rd, Cleveland, OH 44145

Experience Spirit Up Close and Personal!

Join Thomas John for an intimate connection with Spirit as he hosts you in a Spirit Circle (max of 8 guests). During the circle, Thomas will lead the group through a brief prayer or meditation, and then the readings will begin. Thomas will provide EVERY participant with a message from a loved one in Spirit and/or intuitive information that is shared to him through his guides and loved ones.

What to Expect:

* Every participant receives an individual reading with messages.

* Share in the experience of hearing other’s connect with their loved ones.

* Learn about the dynamics of the Other Side, and gain validation through your own reading, as well as listening to the readings of Others

Please note: Though everyone receives a reading in these environments, Thomas can’t make a guarantee that particular messages will come through or particular Spirits will come through. Thomas is a vessel for spiritual communication and he allows the Spirits to choose who comes through, what they say, and why they say it.

This event only consists of a max of 8 people making the group much more intimate and more time with Thomas John!

Ticket cost: $500.00

No refunds. All sales are final

Spirit Communication Intensive ~ with Sharon Anne Klingler & Thomas John in Westlake, OH

Saturday, May 4, 2019

9:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

In this exciting workshop Thomas and Sharon will share dynamic techniques that help you experience powerful communications with loved ones and guides in spirit – both for yourself and for others. This seminar will be filled with hands-on exercises that teach you how to:

* Combine clairvoyance, clairsentience, and clairaudience to convey remarkably detailed messages that demonstrate the identity of the Spirit;

* Spontaneously and immediately connect with those in the eternal world to receive their guidance throughout your day;

* Recognize how Spirit utilizes your body, mind, and your own Spirit as a reference point for mediumship;

* Understand and create the left brain/right brain shift and eliminate doubt when working with the world beyond;

* Correctly interpret clairvoyant messages without distortion or embellishment;

* Learn the standards of good information and how to apply the symbols of spirit in their communications with you.

As two of the most specific evidential mediums working today, Sharon and Thomas will share their insights about how to obtain the most detailed evidence and dynamic guidance in your messages from spirit. Whether you are only seeking to develop your spirit communication for yourself, or you are a professional medium wanting to heighten your practice, this workshop is for you. So, come and learn the methods that help you know spirit more deeply, while expanding your communication techniques with the glorious world beyond!

Registration Information Coming Soon! 

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About Sharon

Congratulations to Sharon, who was recently ordained a Minister of the Church of the Living Spirit in Lily Dale, New York!

Sharon Anne Klingler is a speaker, author, and medium who has been teaching the Spiritual Arts and Spirit Communication for over twenty years.

As an evidential medium, it is Sharon’s greatest joy to make the Spirit world present for her clients, students, and for the audiences at her mediumship demonstrations. There are also many other subjects she likes to share with her classes — from Tarot to Intuition, from Initiation to Paranormal Site Investigation, and more.

Sharon considers it a great blessing and honor to teach at some of the great spiritual schools around the world, including the Lily Dale Assembly, Lily Dale, New York; BrightLife, The Isle of Man, England; Alternatives, London; the Center for Spiritual Enlightment, Washington D.C., and many others. More about Sharon.


Intuition and Beyond

One area where you are probably quite familiar with intuitive symbols is your dream life. You can practice working with symbols more consciously by “redreaming.” Choose a dream (or day-dream) which is very familiar, comfortable, and strong for you. Recall it as completely as you can. Then close your eyes and recreate it in your imagination from beginning to end. See it, feel it, taste it, smell it. Be in it as fully and completely as possible. And simply notice all of its symbols… Read full excerpt.

Reading & Consultations

What to Expect When You Get a Reading with Sharon

Sharon’s readings begin with evidential mediumship, where she shares who from the spirit world is there and how they identify themselves.  Spirit uses their initials, names (even middle names), conditions of the body, locations, occupations, treasured objects, and cherished memories to identify themselves.  But they also use the exact same type of information to identify living people if they have a message for or about them.  For this reason, it’s important to be thinking about both worlds — that of spirit and the living — as Sharon describes the characteristics she is perceiving.

Your life is layered and complex and could be the topic of spirit’s conversation for hours.  It is up to you to be in the driver’s seat and to direct the topics of the reading to suit your needs.  Be sure to have your questions prepared so that your agenda can be met.

If there is time, Sharon will also take a look at your Tarot cards, which provide another perspective on the issues that are important to you.  As our gift to you, you will receive a recording of your reading for future reference.

Click here to read reviews from Sharon’s clients that have received consultations and readings.

Many people ask if phone readings are as powerful and successful as in-person consultations.  The answer would be a resounding yes!  The world of spirit — by its very definition — is not physical but spiritual.  And those who reside there are not limited by time or space.  They can be anywhere in any moment.  And your spirit guides and loved ones want to be with you!

Sharon’s clients call from all over the world.  Whether they’re from Australia or South Africa, the Far East or the U.K., Anchorage or Manhattan — spirit is always available and eager to help.  All you have to do is be open to receive.

******10% off Readings******
To schedule a consultation, call our office at 440-871-5448

Cost for 30 minute session:  $200.00
Sessions available:  Half hour; 45 minutes; or hour (priced accordingly)

Group Sessions

Sharon does provide small group sessions at her office (or via telephone).  Groups are limited to four people and are charged at the same rate as private sessions.  It’s important to have your questions and talking points ready for group sessions just as you would with individual consultations.  With group sessions there can be many more spirit people present and many more messages.  For this reason, a 45 minute or hour session is recommended.

Professional Coaching

If you are a professional medium, psychic, Tarot reader, or other type of intuitive practitioner, Sharon also provides private coaching sessions (in her office or via telephone).

These consultations are not readings; they are, rather, one-on-one tutoring sessions that focus on your precise individual needs and directives in your psychic work – from learning or expanding intuitive techniques, to various training and teaching modalities, to tips in running a professional practice.  The fee for coaching sessions is half that of reading sessions. 

If you’d like to set up a coaching appointment, call the office at 440-871-5446.

Blessings & Prayers

If you would like to put someone’s name on our prayer/healing list, please click below. No names will be displayed on the website, but all names will receive daily prayers from our healing chain.

If you would like to become a member of our prayer chain and share prayers for all those on our list, please click below and let us know of your intention to do so.


My life has been very blessed, and I am so grateful to be able to meet and truly connect with all of my clients, students, and other friends – as well as with all of their spirit people. What a blessing to have such radiant people (in both worlds) touch my life. I want to say thank you to you all – known and unknown – who help to bring grace and compassion to the world and to me. I invite you to join our prayer chain to allow yourself the opportunity to pray in gratitude. Every time we say thank you to the Universe – and especially when we do it in prayer – we help to bring a resonance of joy and well-being to all. So, click below and let us know if you'd like to become a part of our prayer chain to pray for those in need and with those who are grateful.

Click here to tell us if you (or another) would like to receive prayers and/or become a member of our prayer chain to pray with us for healing of others.

Check this page regularly for prayers of healing, help, joy and gratitude. Here is one of my favorites. It’s believed that if you say this prayer three times each day, you will receive the outcome you desire.

The Prayer of Jabez

Father, oh Father, Oh that you
would bless me, indeed, and
enlarge my territory. Oh,
that your hand would
be with me. And keep me
from evil that I may
not cause pain, I pray.