Books and Products by Sharon Klingler 


The Akashic Tarot 

An astoundingly accurate tool for predicting the future, unveiling hidden insights, and unleashing new powers. This unique 62-card deck can transport you to the Great Hall of Records to help you discover the unknown.

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Power Words
Words carry powerful energy and have an astonishing impact on your life. With Power Words, you can generate new actions and lightning-fast results! Use them to sharpen your focus, start new projects, break old addictions, attract relationships, and succeed in any number of goals—from weight loss to finding a job.

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Advanced Spirit Communication Workbook and CDs
Have you been looking for the tools to take your spirit work to the next level? With comprehensive workbook and four full-length CDs with 12 visualizations and meditations.

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Drawing on Your Intuition

A quick and easy exercise that you can use again and again to get intuitive messages about your relationships, your work, your dreams – your life!

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Speaking to Spirit Workbook

Learn to enhance your intuition, communicate with spirit, and perceive the signs and symbols that are around you every day. Discover the guidance and inner power to meet the potential you have in the world.

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Life with Spirit

Do you long to connect with your loved ones and angels in the spirit world and access their guidance and support whenever you need it? Sharon’s illuminating book will show you the way!

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The Magic of Gemstones and Colors


This revised edition of the Magic of Gemstones and Colors now adds a great deal more to the understanding of the qualities of colors and gems as well as their beneficial uses and metaphysical connections.

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The Astro-Oracle that puts the stars in your hands! With Book, Casting Chart, and 11 beautiful gemstones in a drawstring pouch.

“GemCast is not only one of the best oracle kits I’ve seen, but it is also absolutely the easiest and most fun way to learn”

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Audio Cds

Working with the Masters 

As a seeker for the deeper truths  in life, you probably have a sense that you have been on this quest for a long time! You continue to walk the path of initiation  even now. Discover more about this history and purpose.
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Spirit Comes to Life

Feel the embrace and support from those you hold most dear in the spirit world.  Learn how to link with them and to receive their love and guidance everyday.
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The Winds of Possibility

The path that you have planned may be only the beginning. Discover the adjacent possibilities and the great gifts that lie in the opportunities of the unknown.
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Tapping the Powers of Spirit
The spirit world (from your beloved family to your guides to your own eternal spirit) is always available. They seek to have you know them and know yourself better.
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Three provocative guided visualizations designed to put you in touch with your higher self and spirit guides and loved ones around you.
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Higher Realms, Higher Powers

Double CD with 6 powerful meditations designed to connect you with the power of eternity and Archangels Michael & Uriel.
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Healing Journeys

3 guided visualizations designed to help you release unhealthy patterns from your body and your mind, bringing the radiant energy of healing to your physical, mental and emotional experiences.
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Divine Connections: Spirit is Here for You

3 guided meditations from the rank and file of the spirit world, all seeking to help and guide you. They hail from many places and many times. Your family and friends, the great teachers and the angelic realm  are all here for you.
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Travel into Your Past   Lives

Learn about the different types of karmic patterns and experience your past lives through a guided regression technique.
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