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Join the ONE incredible day that will deepen your connection to the divine!​

Join Hay House Mystical Connections on October 5th for this exciting day-long LIVE virtual event.

You’ll learn from ten of the top names in the mystical world including Rev. Sharon Anne Klingler, Colette Baron-Reid, Estelle Bingham, Rebecca Campbell, Sonia Choquette, Kyle Gray, John Holland, Shawn Leaonard, Sandra Anne Taylor, and Radleigh Valentine.

Join live from anywhere in the world for:


🌟 Engaging lessons and trusted techniques to connect to the Spirit world for guidance

🌟 Instant life-changing wisdom through LIVE card readings, mediumship sessions, and psychic readings

🌟 Powerful meditations and proven exercises to open up your psychic senses

🌟 Accurate advice on how to hear and correctly interpret messages from the divine

Save your spot now for this once-in-a-lifetime event with ten of the top names in the mystical world!

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