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Expand and Accelerate Your Mediumship Skills, An Advanced Intensive

In this powerful workshop, Expand and Accelerate Your Mediumship Skills, you will be learning and practicing methods of connecting to spirit with strength, immediacy, confidence, and absolute precision. Sharon will share techniques that help you experience dramatic and spontaneous communication in all of your work with spirit. This highly experiential workshop will include:
Spontaneous Spirit Linking Techniques
🌟 Practicing right brain receptivity activation;
🌟 Different ways to get physical distinctions – learning to embody spirit;
🌟 Spirit-linking devices inspired by Immanuel Kant;
🌟 Using your language as a linking device.
Getting and Giving Powerful Evidence and Messages
🌟 Bringing speed and total freedom to your responses to spirit;
🌟 Kinesthetic mediumship – spirit’s location and action as identifiers and messages;
🌟 Fast and easy name perception techniques;
🌟 The major types of spirit symbols, from yes or no to layered Gestalt messaging.
Private to Public – Spirit’s Always There
🌟 The importance of starting with – and staying with – multiple spirits;
🌟 Working fast to allow the movement of spirit and the approach of new spirits;
🌟 Reading the audience (the client) and using the energy you feel there;
🌟 The act of messaging – the art and action of story-telling.

his workshop is meant for advanced students, and a basic foundation in connecting to and communicating with spirit is required. Students will be able to practice these various techniques each day. Each day will build on the previous day’s work with extensive handouts to support at-home study.

Join us! You can find new joy and excitement in all of your different mediumship work. When you master these many diverse methods of mediumship, every interaction with spirit becomes a revelation!

Date & Time

Tuesday, July 30 – Thursday, August 1, 2024
9:30am – 5:30pm


$440.00 per person
$395.00 Early Bird until 7/23

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