4pm-6pm ~ ONE SEAT LEFT! 


Location: Unity Spiritual Center,  23855 Detroit Rd, Cleveland, OH 44145

Experience Spirit Up Close and Personal!

Join Thomas John for an intimate connection with Spirit as he hosts you in a Spirit Circle (max of 8 guests). During the circle, Thomas will lead the group through a brief prayer or meditation, and then the readings will begin. Thomas will provide EVERY participant with a message from a loved one in Spirit and/or intuitive information that is shared to him through his guides and loved ones.

What to Expect:

* Every participant receives an individual reading with messages.

* Share in the experience of hearing other’s connect with their loved ones.

* Learn about the dynamics of the Other Side, and gain validation through your own reading, as well as listening to the readings of Others

Please note: Though everyone receives a reading in these environments, Thomas can’t make a guarantee that particular messages will come through or particular Spirits will come through. Thomas is a vessel for spiritual communication and he allows the Spirits to choose who comes through, what they say, and why they say it.

This event only consists of a max of 8 people making the group much more intimate and more time with Thomas John!

Ticket cost: $500.00

No refunds. All sales are final

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