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"International speaker, author and medium Sharon Anne Klingler offers three guided meditations in her new CD, Divine Connections…Her meditations are quite specific and detailed, yet allow the listener an important amount of freedom in the process, unique among such recordings…The background music, composed by her brother Kevin Klingler, is a perfect accompaniment."

—Creations Magazine; Mark Maxwell Abushady; New York City, New York

"All of us experience periods of intuition at some point in our lives, but many of us put these down to chance. Sharon Klingler, an expert on intuition, says that this intuitive voice speaks more often than we realize — the real trick is learning not to ignore it…Says Sharon, 'Humans are the only animals willing to trust another's opinion before their own instincts.' Sharon recommends learning to meditate to clear the mind…With a few minutes every day, you should find it easier to sense your intuition."

—The London Daily Express; John Trigs; London, England

"When Sharon A. Klingler needed help publishing her book, she called up an expert — even though he had been dead for several decades. Klingler, a medium, became acquainted with the spirit of publishing giant Bennett Cerf (1898-1971) through a client, a New York City health-care worker who cared for Cerf near the end of his life…Cerf, who founded Modern Library and Random House, was also a longtime panelist on the TV show, What's My Line?. Klingler asked the spirited fellow, 'Can you make some contacts for me and find me a publisher?'…

Six weeks later, when Klingler was in London to lead a workshop, a woman from Random House, UK said, 'I was looking through the program, and I was drawn to your name.' Klingler's book, Intuition & Beyond, was published by Random House in Great Britain."

—The Plain Dealer; Benjamin Gleisser; Cleveland, Ohio

"Why is it that some women can plunge head first into a problem and come out on top, while the rest of us thrash around indecisively for an answer we later regret? The fact is that some people are born with the enviable ability to tune into their inner expert and suss out instinctively the right path to take while the rest of us have to work harder to cultivate this trait. 'But it's easier than you might think,' says Sharon A. Klingler, author of Intuition & Beyond (Rider Books, Random House). 'You may think you don't know what this voice sounds like, but it's more a question of what it feels like…A thought will capture your attention, or a feeling will grab your gut and won't let go. Stay conscious of when you sense this feeling and notice what its trying to tell you.' That's what these five inspiring readers did. The result? A snap decision that has changed their lives for good."

—Eve Magazine; Alexandra Shakespeare; London, England

Sharon’s Blog

Welcome to my new Blog! I’m going to be using this space to share some of my experiences about all things (and people) spiritual. In the coming weeks and months, we will be talking about a variety of topics — including my favorite sanctuary in Lily Dale, New York; tips from the Dalai Lama; how to use words of power; the best day of the week to get married; the question of protection; the best colors for your kitchen if you’re on a diet; gemstones and pendulums; working with your spirit guides; the Ascended Masters; and much, much more.

I invite your questions, comments, and possible subjects for future blogs.
Click here to share your ideas.

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What people are saying about Intuition & Beyond

"Your intuition can be your most powerful ally, and Sharon Klingler offers you a unique, thoughtful, and comprehensive guide to finding the ‘expert’ inside you. I enthusiastically recommend this book!" – Donna Eden, author of Energy Medicine

"This book is sure to inspire!" – Dennis Kucinich, U.S. Congressman

"What Sharon Klingler has stumbled upon could well be the single geatest lesson of her lifetime. That she so ably explains its purpose and shares it with others is our gift. The subject of intuition intrigues me so much that I have decided to include it in my university classes. In teaching it, I have discovered the best way to learn it, and Ms. Klingler’s book, Intuition & Beyond, will be used in all of my classes." – Ted Henry, news anchor, journalist, instructor

"Get into yourself! Buy this book to find out how!" – Vincent Favale, entertainment executive, network television

"This book made my spine tingle, not just because her advice is so thorough and thought-provoking, but also because I recognized myself in each step. While there is no magic formula for creating a fulfilling and harmonious life, this book makes you ask yourself all the right questions. Seeking the answers is where joy and learning take place. If most of us followed our intuition most of the time, we’d eradicate most of the world’s strife. Sharon Klingler brings us one step closer." – Allison Abner, author, television writer

"Sharon Klingler’s techniques are amazingly effective and can help anyone change their life for the better!" – Nancy Koran, author of The Zen of Tennis

"Intuition & Beyond is a practical guide for helping each of us harness our power within. This book can teach you to listen to your quiet, inner voice in simple, easy-to-achieve steps. It can change your life! Thank you, Sharon Klingler, for sharing your special gift with the world." – Linda Villarosa, newspaper columnist and author of Body & Soul

"My work with Sharon through the years has really helped me listen to my own voice. I realized that a seemingly innocent thought, when explored and followed, IS the basis for intuition; one just has to be open to that and take the risk to listen." – Sophia Gruzdys, architect, university professor

"Sharon Klingler stands out clearly at the top of her field. She makes the little understood subject of intuition clear, tangible and available to her readers – and she does this in a context of comfort, support, and humor!" – Michele Takei, Ph.D., university professor

"This book is a valuable read for anyone who wants to develop their intuition. It provides practical, step-by-step methods that you can use for the integration of intuition into your everyday life – for the rest of your life!" – Thomas Cratsley, teacher and author of Meditations for Centering

"Sharon Klingler possesses deep insight and, more importantly, has the ability to show others how they might cultivate such insights in their own lives." – Mark Maxwell, stage actor

"With simplicity and ease, Sharon teaches the art of accessing one’s intuition. Readers are left with a crystal clear understanding of how their intuitive power can take them far beyond their expectations." – Saundra Cortese, author of The Souls of Our Children

About Sharon Anne Klingler

“It is my desire that all people know the great presence of spirit — both the spirit within them as well as the spirit guides who seek to share their insight and assistance.”

—Sharon Klingler

Background and History

Sharon Anne Klingler is an evidential medium, author, and international speaker. Sharon was originally inspired to pursue a degree in psychology and investigate greater consciousness as a result of her extraordinary experiences as an identical twin. She lectures all over the world on such subjects as reincarnation, the spiritual arts, intuitive development, spirit communication, and public mediumship for professionals. A member of the International Mediums League and Lily Dale Mediums League, Sharon has demonstrated her skill in spirit communication on three continents, from Europe to the South Pacific.

Sharon’s books and titles include Intuition & Beyond for Random House, London; the best-selling Secrets of Success for Hay House (with her sister Sandra Taylor); Travel into Your Past Lives; Drawing on Your Intuition; Divine Connections; Life with Spirit; Speaking to Spirit and Advanced Spirit Communication; and many other books and CDs.

Sharon has been featured in publications around the world including The Daily Express (London); Now magazine (Sydney), Eve magazine (London), and Creations magazine (New York). Sharon has appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Network; NBC, ABC, and CBS affiliates; BBC London; BBC Scotland; ITV London; Vision TV Canada; and on major outlets throughout the U.K., the U.S., and Australia. (You can hear Sharon regularly on Hay House’s Living Your Quantum Success show.)

Sharon is a leading international intuitive who maintains a private practice for more than 25 years with high-profile clients around the world. Sharon lectures throughout the U.S., Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. Some of here lecture appearances include The Whole Life Expo, The Healing Arts Symposium, the International Mind, Body, Spirit Festival, and Alternatives London. She also presents workshops each year at Lily Dale, New York, the largest and oldest Spiritualist center in the world.


Congratulations to Sharon, who was recently ordained a Minister of the Church of the Living Spirit in Lily Dale, NY!

“What Sharon Klingler presents could well be the single greatest contribution of her lifetime. That she so ably explains its purpose and shares it with others is our gift.”

—Ted Henry, Television News Anchor and Video Biographer