What to Expect When You Get a Reading with Sharon

Sharon’s readings begin with evidential mediumship, where she shares who from the spirit world is there and how they identify themselves.  Spirit uses their initials, names (even middle names), conditions of the body, locations, occupations, treasured objects, and cherished memories to identify themselves.  But they also use the exact same type of information to identify living people if they have a message for or about them.  For this reason, it’s important to be thinking about both worlds — that of spirit and the living — as Sharon describes the characteristics she is perceiving.

Your life is layered and complex and could be the topic of spirit’s conversation for hours.  It is up to you to be in the driver’s seat and to direct the topics of the reading to suit your needs.  Be sure to have your questions prepared so that your agenda can be met.

If there is time, Sharon will also take a look at your Tarot cards, which provide another perspective on the issues that are important to you.  As our gift to you, you will receive a recording of your reading for future reference.

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Many people ask if phone readings are as powerful and successful as in-person consultations.  The answer would be a resounding yes!  The world of spirit — by its very definition — is not physical but spiritual.  And those who reside there are not limited by time or space.  They can be anywhere in any moment.  And your spirit guides and loved ones want to be with you!

Sharon’s clients call from all over the world.  Whether they’re from Australia or South Africa, the Far East or the U.K., Anchorage or Manhattan — spirit is always available and eager to help.  All you have to do is be open to receive.

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To schedule a consultation, call our office at 440-871-5448

Cost for 30 minute session:  $200.00
Sessions available:  Half hour; 45 minutes; or hour (priced accordingly)

Group Sessions

Sharon does provide small group sessions at her office (or via telephone).  Groups are limited to four people and are charged at the same rate as private sessions.  It’s important to have your questions and talking points ready for group sessions just as you would with individual consultations.  With group sessions there can be many more spirit people present and many more messages.  For this reason, a 45 minute or hour session is recommended.

Professional Coaching

If you are a professional medium, psychic, Tarot reader, or other type of intuitive practitioner, Sharon also provides private coaching sessions (in her office or via telephone).

These consultations are not readings; they are, rather, one-on-one tutoring sessions that focus on your precise individual needs and directives in your psychic work – from learning or expanding intuitive techniques, to various training and teaching modalities, to tips in running a professional practice.  The fee for coaching sessions is half that of reading sessions. 

If you’d like to set up a coaching appointment, call the office at 440-871-5446.