Sharon Klingler

“It is my desire that all people know the great presence of spirit – both the spirit within them as well as the spirit guides who seek to share their insight and assistance.” – Sharon Klingler

Save the Dates!  May 3, 4, 5, ~ 2019

A Weekend of Special Events Hosted by Sharon Anne Klingler and Thomas John in Westlake, Ohio. 

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Sharon Anne Klingler is an evidential medium, author, and international speaker. Sharon was originally inspired to pursue a degree in psychology and investigate greater consciousness as a result of her extraordinary experiences as an identical twin. She lectures all over the world on such subjects as linguistic empowerment, reincarnation, the spiritual arts, intuitive development, spirit communication, and public mediumship for professionals. A Lily Dale Assembly registered medium and a member of the Lily Dale Mediums League, Sharon has demonstrated her skill in spirit communication on three continents, from Europe to the South Pacific.

Sharon’s books and titles include the international best-seller Power Words for Hay House, Intuition & Beyond for Random House, London; the best-selling Secrets of Success for Hay House (with her sister Sandra Taylor); Travel into Your Past Lives; Drawing on Your Intuition; Divine Connections; Life with Spirit; Speaking to Spirit; Advanced Spirit Communication; and many other books and CDs.

Sharon has been featured in publications around the world including The Daily Express (London); Now magazine (Sydney), Eve magazine (London), and Creations magazine (New York). Sharon has appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Network; NBC, ABC, and CBS affiliates; BBC London; BBC Scotland; ITV London; Vision TV Canada; and on major outlets throughout the U.K., the U.S., and Australia. (You can hear Sharon regularly on Hay House’s Living Your Quantum Success show.)

Sharon is a leading international intuitive who maintains a private practice for more than 25 years with high-profile clients around the world. Sharon lectures throughout the U.S., Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. Some of her lecture appearances include The Whole Life Expo, The Healing Arts Symposium, the International Mind, Body, Spirit Festival; Georgetown University in Washington, D.C.; BrightLife Conference Center in the Isle of Man; and Alternatives London. She also presents workshops each year in New York for the Lily Dale Assembly, the largest and oldest Spiritualist center in the world.  Reverend Sharon Anne Klingler is an ordained Minister of the Church of the Living Spirit in Lily Dale, New York, and speaks at Spiritualist Churches and Centers throughout the United States and Canada.


What Others Are Saying:

“What Sharon Klingler presents could well be the single greatest contribution of her lifetime. That she so ably explains its purpose and shares it with others is our gift.” – Ted Henry, Television News Anchor and Video Biographer

“All of us experience periods of intuition at some point in our lives, but many of us put these down to chance. Sharon Klingler, an expert on intuition, says that this intuitive voice speaks more often than we realize — the real trick is learning not to ignore it…Says Sharon, ‘Humans are the only animals willing to trust another’s opinion before their own instincts.’ Sharon recommends learning to meditate to clear the mind…With a few minutes every day, you should find it easier to sense your intuition.” ~ The London Daily Express; John Trigs; London, England

“…a truly gifted teacher and mentor…an absolute treasure!” ~ L. Wilson, FL

“Words are inadequate to describe what you and this course have done for me. I not only learned an enormous amount of valuable insight and techniques to help me grow as a medium, but I learned what patience, love and understanding really look like too. You have made a huge impact on me and I’m already paying it forward.” ~ L. Wilson, FL


Starbringer Associates was founded by identical twin sisters – Sharon Anne Klingler and Sandra Anne Taylor.

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