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What to Expect When You Get a Reading with Sharon

Sharon’s readings begin with evidential mediumship, where she shares who from the spirit world is there and how they identify themselves.  Spirit uses their initials, names (even middle names), conditions of the body, locations, occupations, treasured objects, and cherished memories to identify themselves.  But they also use the exact same type of information to identify living people if they have a message for or about them.  For this reason, it’s important to be thinking about both worlds — that of spirit and the living — as Sharon describes the characteristics she is perceiving.

Your life is layered and complex and could be the topic of spirit’s conversation for hours.  It is up to you to be in the driver’s seat and to direct the topics of the reading to suit your needs.  Be sure to have your questions prepared so that your agenda can be met.

If there is time, Sharon will also take a look at your Tarot cards, which provide another perspective on the issues that are important to you.  As our gift to you, you will receive a recording of your reading for future reference.

Click here to read reviews from Sharon’s clients that have received consultations and readings.

Many people ask if phone readings are as powerful and successful as in-person consultations.  The answer would be a resounding yes!  The world of spirit — by its very definition — is not physical but spiritual.  And those who reside there are not limited by time or space.  They can be anywhere in any moment.  And your spirit guides and loved ones want to be with you!

Sharon’s clients call from all over the world.  Whether they’re from Australia or South Africa, the Far East or the U.K., Anchorage or Manhattan — spirit is always available and eager to help.  All you have to do is be open to receive.

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To schedule a consultation, call our office at 440-871-5448

Cost for 30 minute session:  $200.00
Sessions available:  Half hour; 45 minutes; or hour (priced accordingly)

Group Sessions

Sharon does provide small group sessions at her office (or via telephone).  Groups are limited to four people and are charged at the same rate as private sessions.  It’s important to have your questions and talking points ready for group sessions just as you would with individual consultations.  With group sessions there can be many more spirit people present and many more messages.  For this reason, a 45 minute or hour session is recommended.

Professional Coaching

If you are a professional medium, psychic, Tarot reader, or other type of intuitive practitioner, Sharon also provides private coaching sessions (in her office or via telephone).

These consultations are not readings; they are, rather, one-on-one tutoring sessions that focus on your precise individual needs and directives in your psychic work – from learning or expanding intuitive techniques, to various training and teaching modalities, to tips in running a professional practice.  The fee for coaching sessions is half that of reading sessions. 

If you’d like to set up a coaching appointment, call the office at 440-871-5446.

Blessings & Prayers

If you would like to put someone’s name on our prayer/healing list, please click below. No names will be displayed on the website, but all names will receive daily prayers from our healing chain.

If you would like to become a member of our prayer chain and share prayers for all those on our list, please click below and let us know of your intention to do so.


My life has been very blessed, and I am so grateful to be able to meet and truly connect with all of my clients, students, and other friends – as well as with all of their spirit people. What a blessing to have such radiant people (in both worlds) touch my life. I want to say thank you to you all – known and unknown – who help to bring grace and compassion to the world and to me. I invite you to join our prayer chain to allow yourself the opportunity to pray in gratitude. Every time we say thank you to the Universe – and especially when we do it in prayer – we help to bring a resonance of joy and well-being to all. So, click below and let us know if you'd like to become a part of our prayer chain to pray for those in need and with those who are grateful.

Click here to tell us if you (or another) would like to receive prayers and/or become a member of our prayer chain to pray with us for healing of others.

Check this page regularly for prayers of healing, help, joy and gratitude. Here is one of my favorites. It’s believed that if you say this prayer three times each day, you will receive the outcome you desire.

The Prayer of Jabez

Father, oh Father, Oh that you
would bless me, indeed, and
enlarge my territory. Oh,
that your hand would
be with me. And keep me
from evil that I may
not cause pain, I pray.

Reviews & Clips

"International speaker, author and medium Sharon Anne Klingler offers three guided meditations in her new CD, Divine Connections…Her meditations are quite specific and detailed, yet allow the listener an important amount of freedom in the process, unique among such recordings…The background music, composed by her brother Kevin Klingler, is a perfect accompaniment."

—Creations Magazine; Mark Maxwell Abushady; New York City, New York

"All of us experience periods of intuition at some point in our lives, but many of us put these down to chance. Sharon Klingler, an expert on intuition, says that this intuitive voice speaks more often than we realize — the real trick is learning not to ignore it…Says Sharon, 'Humans are the only animals willing to trust another's opinion before their own instincts.' Sharon recommends learning to meditate to clear the mind…With a few minutes every day, you should find it easier to sense your intuition."

—The London Daily Express; John Trigs; London, England

"When Sharon A. Klingler needed help publishing her book, she called up an expert — even though he had been dead for several decades. Klingler, a medium, became acquainted with the spirit of publishing giant Bennett Cerf (1898-1971) through a client, a New York City health-care worker who cared for Cerf near the end of his life…Cerf, who founded Modern Library and Random House, was also a longtime panelist on the TV show, What's My Line?. Klingler asked the spirited fellow, 'Can you make some contacts for me and find me a publisher?'…

Six weeks later, when Klingler was in London to lead a workshop, a woman from Random House, UK said, 'I was looking through the program, and I was drawn to your name.' Klingler's book, Intuition & Beyond, was published by Random House in Great Britain."

—The Plain Dealer; Benjamin Gleisser; Cleveland, Ohio

"Why is it that some women can plunge head first into a problem and come out on top, while the rest of us thrash around indecisively for an answer we later regret? The fact is that some people are born with the enviable ability to tune into their inner expert and suss out instinctively the right path to take while the rest of us have to work harder to cultivate this trait. 'But it's easier than you might think,' says Sharon A. Klingler, author of Intuition & Beyond (Rider Books, Random House). 'You may think you don't know what this voice sounds like, but it's more a question of what it feels like…A thought will capture your attention, or a feeling will grab your gut and won't let go. Stay conscious of when you sense this feeling and notice what its trying to tell you.' That's what these five inspiring readers did. The result? A snap decision that has changed their lives for good."

—Eve Magazine; Alexandra Shakespeare; London, England

Awakening from Ignorance to Service

"Everybody can be great…because anybody can serve. You don't have to have a college degree to serve. You don't have to make your subject and verb agree to serve…You only need a heart full of grace, a soul generated by love"

~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

As the great man said, we all can find a way — even many ways — to serve. In order to do that, we must first know all of humanity to be unified in spirit. And we must believe even the "lowly" are worth our time and effort.

I am reminded of the scene with the Ghost of Christmas Present in Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol. He stood wrapped in the richness and wonder and joy of his Christmas robes, (his spiritual life) yet he was helpless to aid the two starving, wretched, frightened children clinging to his ankles beneath his robe. Scrooge asked the spirit whose children they were.

"They are Man's," the Christmas ghost mournfully decreed of the destitute, hollow-faced little ones at his feet — as if that were not only the origin of the children's birth but also the reason for his own helplessness. "and they cling to me, appealing from their fathers. This boy is Ignorance. This girl is Want. Beware them both, and all of their degree. But most of all beware this boy, for on his brow I see that written which is Doom, unless the writing is erased."

As a champion of the poor, Dickens was cautioning his readers about their lack of consciousness (ignorance) of the dire destitution (want) that defined existence for too many people during his time. The ghost was pleading to take action — to stop ignoring the needs of others.

Over the years, as I have read that passage many times, I have come to find more meaning in Dickens' vision than just the social comment which was so close to his heart. To me, Ignorance also became ignorance of the spirit — ignorance of the real self, the powerful, joyful self. And Want became the experience of lack — the loveless-ness and emptiness that can only be known when one attaches too greatly with the physical world and loses touch with that spirit within.

Today, as in mid-nineteenth century London, there is great lack, hunger, and want. There are those who only want a chance at a new start, a greater education. Perhaps we could see ourselves in the faces of our brothers, and share not just money or food or old clothes, but encouragement — real encouragement. That might make the greatest difference of all.


Close your eyes and think of one person in you life that you sometimes ignore, even if it's just because you're busy. See yourself embracing and encouraging this person to know your love and support, as well as their own unlimited possibilities. Feel the compassion that embraces you both.

You don't have to serve at a soup kitchen to serve in the world. All you need to do is encourage whomever you can to discover the spirit and the truth in themselves. Help them find the power to take action, to believe in themselves, and to know who they are inside.

Those who do not rise up out of their circumstances of birth or poverty often stay stuck out of their own ignorance. They are ignorant that there may be another way, that they have the power to change things if they make an effort to do so. We have an opportunity to encourage them to act, but to do this we must also lift ourselves out of our own ignorance. Ignorance implies lack of awareness. But actually it comes from the words "to ignore." In this way, disregarding anything or anyone is an act of ignorance.

Unfortunately, in spite of living in the information age of technology, we are a race of beings that have fine-tuned the act of ignorance! We ignore our habits. We ignore our bodies. We ignore our emotions. And most of all, we ignore our spirit. This may be the most devastating act of ignorance there can be. For it is this spirit, this divine spark, that provides us with the consciousness to change, the power to grow, and most importantly, the ability to love.

In Dickens' time, in cities, on trains, on ships, wherever one went, the lower class was separated from the gilded society. It is now gilding of the ego that separates us from our spirit. Loveless-ness is the greatest lack of nourishment there is. And, unhappily, it is a want that is created by our own hand and by the ignorance we find easier to maintain than to challenge.

The greatest service we can do is to share our spirit with the world. Share your spirit through love, through kindness, through compassion, through generosity. Encourage everyone who seems dispirited to take one little step in this discovery for themselves. And once they feel the excitement of knowing a new purpose that gives their spirit a voice, then together we can change the world.

(from The Journey Magazine, Awakening from Ignorance to Service, by Sharon Anne Klingler. All rights reserved.)

Consultation and Reading Testimonials

"Dear Sharon, our appointment was truly life changing, in so many ways. I really can't thank you enough for the world you have helped open up for me, and I look forward to speaking with you again.

—John G., Baltimore

"Thank you! For a very special message that you gave to my mom from my dad in spirit. It was something she really needed to hear and is helping her to accept this time in her life. We appreciate your special gift!

—J.D., Cleveland, OH

"I want to tell you that we love you and that we greatly appreciate your work and your willingness to get out there and help us to speak to our loved ones in spirit.

—Kathleen H.

"I must tell you how much you've helped me. I can never repay you for the help and verification from Spirit that you have given to me."

—K.H., Florida

"What an awesome reading!"

—Erin T

Book and Product Testimonials

"Secrets of Success is so inspiring. I want to take it wherever I go — like my own personal Bible."

—Jennifer Q.

"Sharon's Speaking to Spirit program is exactly what I have been waiting for! I know all the insight and information will help me to be a more accurate and open healing channel to my clients. Thank you so much for being my teacher.

—K.M., New York

About Sharon's Speaking To Spirit Program:

"I just had to write and say how absolutely incredible I found this course to be. Sharon is truly a gifted teacher — and a most remarkable person — a bright light in this world.

—D.L., New York

"Sharon Klingler stands out clearly at the top of her field. Her books and CDs make a little understood subject tangible and available."

—Michele, Cleveland, Ohio

Workshop and Class Testimonials

With a degree in psychology and a private practice with high-profile clients around the world, Sharon also teaches a variety of subjects including mediumship, Tarot, past life discovery, working with spirit guides, colors, gemstones, the dynamics of self-empowerment, and other metaphysical directives. Sharon believes that hands-on experience is the key to learning. Here are a few words from some of Sharon's students.

"This is the second time I've taken Sharon's Advanced Mediumship Workshop, and each time I discover something new! It has so many layers — a very powerful workshop. I notice the difference in my mediumship already. Sharon is a wonderful and inspiring teacher…the best illustration of a wonderful medium and example of how the Spirit World can come through…It's mysterious and magical!"

—Jessie Furst, Registered medium, Lily Dale, NY

"Sharon is the best instructor! I have sat in development circles for years and never heard how to interpret what I was receiving in depth. Now I understand and am learning so much. This feels like a quantum leap to me — an expansion in gratitude for all that is."

—Marilyn W., Meadville, PA

"Thank you again for your wonderful class and for sharing your insight and wealth of knowledge. I know I will be incorporating these lessons into my mediumship. People at church have told me the difference it has made in my platform work!"

—JoAnn Radovich, Medium

"Many, many thanks for a wonderful class. It was very meaty, full of great info and lots of fun. I appreciate you knowledge, humor, and the detail you put into your classes and materials. You are truly an outstanding person, teacher, and medium."

—Gayle Kirk, Medium, Boston

"Sharon's class was the most powerful that I have ever taken."

—Tina Zion, Author of The Reiki Teacher's Manual

"I have to say that Sharon's workshop was the best that I have ever had. I have attended many…finding myself on this pathway, but Sharon's techniques and her spirit brought out the best in me. I am so grateful!”

— D.H. New York

"It has been a great adventure to participate in Sharon's class. Rich and broad-reaching knowledge and talented teaching have again surpassed expectations!”

—Barbara D.

"Sharon is the best teacher of mediumship I've ever known!”

– Timothy F., Philadelphia

"Sharon's techniques are wonderful…I have not been this open ever…my readings have been amazing!"

—Kim W., OH

About Sharon's Advanced Mediumship & Public Clairvoyance Intensive:

"I enjoyed learning techniques and theories — and then having the experiential practice. The coaching and video taping were incredibly valuable to see how I worked and areas that I need to focus on. This class really helped me to stretch and move out of my comfort zone. Thank you for your loving instruction and creating such a sacred space to flourish and grow in!"

—R.W., Ontario, Canada

"Sharon Klingler really gives you so much more than you could ever expect."

—K.M., New York

"Sharon is such a great teacher…I had never heard the material she covered explained in such a clear, concise way. And her CDs are wonderful! I am so thankful."

—Nancy E., New York, New York

"Sharon Klingler possesses deep insight about spirit and, more importantly, has the ability to show others how they might cultivate knowing spirit in their own lives."

—Mark A., New York, New York

"Thank you for a wonderful experience once again. You are a great teacher and you share Spirit so well. Your heart radiates beauty, kindness and patience. I have much appreciation for teaching me how to surrender to Spirit and in doing so received names from those in sprit — So exciting!"

—Rev. Addariah H., Ontario, Canada

"It will take a while for all the new and wonderful ideas to sink in — and I'm really looking forward to the opportunity to work with Sharon again! Thank you again for the course and for all you give in service to Spirit!"

—Dr. Rom Weber, Medium, NYC

"Sharon is a truly gifted and special person! Thanks for all the great help and inspiration! Looking forward to classes with her at Lily Dale."


"My guides and I would like to thank you for a marvelous, insightful and thoroughly useful presentation!!"

—M.V., Sydney, Australia

"Your workshop gave me an inspiring doorway into metaphysics."

—D.L., London, England

"It was really an incredible experience — so many spirits and so much information. Thanks for your guidance."

—C.C., New York, New York

About some of Sharon’s courses in Lily Dale, New York:

"It was very informative and added many practical exercises to enhance the overall training. Sharon is an extremely knowledgeable and patient teacher. I would take another course from her."

“Sharon was excellent. A variety of experiences and exercises were provided. We went home with a lot!"

"It was a fabulous course with a beautiful, wonderful, loving teacher!"

"Thank you for the powerful workshop. Words cannot describe the energy which filled the room and the phenomena of meeting our spirit guides."

"Excellent presentation as always. She is a wonderful and loving teacher."

"I've had Sharon for classes before — she's great! I'll have her again for sure.”

"Learning new techniques in Mediumship is made that much easier, and lots of fun, when taught by someone as talented and genuine as Sharon."

—S.K. Toronto, CA

"I take Sharon's workshops as they always raise my vibration and open me to new ways of working!


Notes from Sharon's Spiritual Leadership Workshop:

"Excellent workshop, a lot of information digested in a very short time. Thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of the course."

"Thank you, Sharon! Looking forward to your next course."

"I received so much from this workshop — absolutely fantastic. Thank you!"

"This has been such a wonderful week. It has opened new insight, opportunities, and growth for me."

"Dear Sharon, heartfelt thanks & praise to you for being such a generous and amazing teacher! I have learned more from you, and you have attuned me to Spirit — a prayer answered! I am now able to be a more open channel to help people holistically — a dream come true!"

—J.P., New York

"Sharon's class is not just a wealth of much needed information, it is also filled with well designed exercises simple enough to grasp conceptually but challenging enough to master the techniques! Her charisma and unique individuality while remaining a very approachable and genuine people-loving person made it an overwhelming experience!"

—L.D., Cincinnati, Ohio

“Thank you for the wonderful class. Life has a whole new color to it. Everything is brighter and so much more comforting. The information I received was invaluable and life altering. You are such a blessing to the heart.”

–Paula B., Washington D.C.

From participants at a workshop in Cincinnati:

"I loved the whole weekend!…It was a great event…Sharon is such an excellent speaker & teacher… It was wonderful…The meditations were awesome!…I enjoyed it all…Please! Please! Please! Have more!"

Sharon’s Blog

Welcome to my new Blog! I’m going to be using this space to share some of my experiences about all things (and people) spiritual. In the coming weeks and months, we will be talking about a variety of topics — including my favorite sanctuary in Lily Dale, New York; tips from the Dalai Lama; how to use words of power; the best day of the week to get married; the question of protection; the best colors for your kitchen if you’re on a diet; gemstones and pendulums; working with your spirit guides; the Ascended Masters; and much, much more.

I invite your questions, comments, and possible subjects for future blogs.
Click here to share your ideas.

Read more…


What people are saying about Intuition & Beyond

"Your intuition can be your most powerful ally, and Sharon Klingler offers you a unique, thoughtful, and comprehensive guide to finding the ‘expert’ inside you. I enthusiastically recommend this book!" – Donna Eden, author of Energy Medicine

"This book is sure to inspire!" – Dennis Kucinich, U.S. Congressman

"What Sharon Klingler has stumbled upon could well be the single geatest lesson of her lifetime. That she so ably explains its purpose and shares it with others is our gift. The subject of intuition intrigues me so much that I have decided to include it in my university classes. In teaching it, I have discovered the best way to learn it, and Ms. Klingler’s book, Intuition & Beyond, will be used in all of my classes." – Ted Henry, news anchor, journalist, instructor

"Get into yourself! Buy this book to find out how!" – Vincent Favale, entertainment executive, network television

"This book made my spine tingle, not just because her advice is so thorough and thought-provoking, but also because I recognized myself in each step. While there is no magic formula for creating a fulfilling and harmonious life, this book makes you ask yourself all the right questions. Seeking the answers is where joy and learning take place. If most of us followed our intuition most of the time, we’d eradicate most of the world’s strife. Sharon Klingler brings us one step closer." – Allison Abner, author, television writer

"Sharon Klingler’s techniques are amazingly effective and can help anyone change their life for the better!" – Nancy Koran, author of The Zen of Tennis

"Intuition & Beyond is a practical guide for helping each of us harness our power within. This book can teach you to listen to your quiet, inner voice in simple, easy-to-achieve steps. It can change your life! Thank you, Sharon Klingler, for sharing your special gift with the world." – Linda Villarosa, newspaper columnist and author of Body & Soul

"My work with Sharon through the years has really helped me listen to my own voice. I realized that a seemingly innocent thought, when explored and followed, IS the basis for intuition; one just has to be open to that and take the risk to listen." – Sophia Gruzdys, architect, university professor

"Sharon Klingler stands out clearly at the top of her field. She makes the little understood subject of intuition clear, tangible and available to her readers – and she does this in a context of comfort, support, and humor!" – Michele Takei, Ph.D., university professor

"This book is a valuable read for anyone who wants to develop their intuition. It provides practical, step-by-step methods that you can use for the integration of intuition into your everyday life – for the rest of your life!" – Thomas Cratsley, teacher and author of Meditations for Centering

"Sharon Klingler possesses deep insight and, more importantly, has the ability to show others how they might cultivate such insights in their own lives." – Mark Maxwell, stage actor

"With simplicity and ease, Sharon teaches the art of accessing one’s intuition. Readers are left with a crystal clear understanding of how their intuitive power can take them far beyond their expectations." – Saundra Cortese, author of The Souls of Our Children