Secrets of Success

Whom exactly should you call upon in the spirit world for help, and what can they do anyway? Well, the answer is: anybody and anything. I have a friend who strongly believes in the intercession of those above. She cried out to spirit to help her find a job, but she couldn’t release her financial […]

Advanced Spirit Communication

The most significant of the prophets in the new Testament are John, who authored The Book of Revelation, John the Baptist, and of course, Jesus himself. Revelation, the last book of the New Testament, is the only book of prophecy. Unlike many books of the bible which were written originally in Aramaic, Revelation was first […]

Life with Spirit

An important group of people you will meet in spirit stand apart from the others not so much by who they are as by what they do. These might be considered your teachers or higher spiritual guides. You may have known them in this life (or another), but they can also be souls with whom […]