Power Words


Words carry powerful energy and have an astonishing impact on your life. With Power Words, you can generate new actions and lightning-fast results! Use them to sharpen your focus, start new projects, break old addictions, attract relationships, and succeed in any number of goals—from weight loss to finding a job. Each word triggers its own specific purpose and activity. Certain words elevate; others ignite action. And in just moments, they can be yours to direct. Click to order here.


About Sharon

Congratulations to Sharon, who was recently ordained a Minister of the Church of the Living Spirit in Lily Dale, New York!

Sharon Anne Klingler is a speaker, author, and medium who has been teaching the Spiritual Arts and Spirit Communication for over twenty years.

As an evidential medium, it is Sharon’s greatest joy to make the Spirit world present for her clients, students, and for the audiences at her mediumship demonstrations. There are also many other subjects she likes to share with her classes — from Tarot to Intuition, from Initiation to Paranormal Site Investigation, and more.

Sharon considers it a great blessing and honor to teach at some of the great spiritual schools around the world, including the Lily Dale Assembly, Lily Dale, New York; BrightLife, The Isle of Man, England; Alternatives, London; the Center for Spiritual Enlightment, Washington D.C., and many others. More about Sharon.


Spiritual Spaces

Spiritual Spaces depend on each one of us. It’s vitally important to make your physical space reflect your spirit and inspire you.  ‘Vitally’ is the key word here, because if your space is toxic, your vitality will be low, to say the least.  Here are some steps you can take in your home, in your office, and even in your car that can help you build an environment rich in joy and the presence of your radiant self.

1. Remove clutter.
2. Let there be light!
3. Beauty, comfort, and stimulation.
4. Breathe deeply.
5. Music, music, music!