As a medium a lot of people ask me about “trapped” spirits, and my answer is always the same.  Spirits – and all beings – get trapped only by their own thoughts and feelings.  Being trapped is exclusively a state of mind, and one’s limitations are set only by the beliefs that the individual holds.  As a matter of fact, those of us in the physical world are much more likely to be trapped than our spirit world counterparts.  Here we have the physical world limitations of space and time – not to mention our over-active and constantly measuring egos!  In the spirit world there are no limitations from time or space.  But there is a fuller and complete comprehension of one’s divine, all-powerful, joyful soul.  That is why so many near death experiences do not want to come back – because they feel a love, a confidence, and a power they had never known before.

Happily, we don’t have to die to know the love, compassion and power of the divine spirit within.  We just have to get untrapped – untrapped from the old beliefs, the darker moments, and the limits of the lesser self.  So begin to choose freedom from these when they come up for you.  Begin to choose a new mind.  And “who ya’ gonna call”  for that new mind?  Why, your own untrapped, divine spirit ~ that’s who!

Here’s an affirmation that was shared with me by Dr. Brett Stohrer.  I think that it can help all of us realign ourselves with that radiant being within.

“I lovingly take back my power, and I release all interference.”

     When you say this, take a deep breath and feel the compassion and enormous force of your eternal spirit stir within you.  Allow yourself to know that spirit and rest in it completely.