Whom exactly should you call upon in the spirit world for help, and what can they do anyway? Well, the answer is: anybody and anything. I have a friend who strongly believes in the intercession of those above. She cried out to spirit to help her find a job, but she couldn’t release her financial worries. Later that day her concerns caused her to ask spirit again. The response she “heard” was: Have we ever let you down before? What makes you think we’re going start now? Days later, she got a call from a company where she’d interviewed more than three months earlier. She landed that job, and it was there that she met the person who was to be her future boss at yet another company. Without knowing it at the time, she had begun climbing the ladder of success.

I asked my friend, who was it in the spirit world who had told her not to worry? She told me that she didn’t know precisely, but she knew it was a “higher intelligence.” This is the way it goes – you don’t always have to know exactly upon whom you’re calling. Sometimes you can request help from spirit in general or from your spirit friends and loved ones; you can also invoke your higher guides, your angels, your own soul, and even the Divine.

Actor Denzel Washington revealed in an interview that while shooting the movie Glory, he needed to prepare for the scene in which he was to be whipped. He, too, reached out to those unknown in the spirit world, saying, “All you men and women in spirit who’ve been whipped, come be with me. I’ll let go and let whatever happens happen.”

In this interview, Washington pointed to two of the most crucial steps in working with spirit in any and every endeavor. First, make the call! Your spirit guides certainly show up without your inviting them, but your request clarifies and crystallizes your intention – both for you and for them. (Never forget: Ask, and it shall be answered.) Second, let what happens, happen! Let go of your need for control. Trust what you perceive. Trust that you’ll be led exactly where you need to go. With spirit to help you, simply begin to practice trust – in the little things and in the big decisions. You’ll be surprised by the doors that will open and the opportunities you will discover!

(Excerpted from Secrets of Success, Hay House. All rights reserved.)